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Lisa (left) and Nicky (right) started Wheelie Fantastic Cycle Tours when they moved to the area in 2011.

“We moved to this area to take advantage of the great cycling routes and climate. Now we want others to find out what we already know: that the Nelson/Tasman area is a great cycling destination. We have a long association with cycling and are both qualified coaches.”

Lisa’s favourite bike is her track bike, “I love the simplicity of a single speed, fixed wheel – you just have to cycle faster to go faster. My favourite route I guess would be 200 metres on a velodrome, with a flat out sprint. I also enjoy a social ride with friends on my road bike, with the chance to cycle and talk at the same time.”

Lisa represented Ulster in track cycling as a sprinter. She has also conquered many of the Tour de France Alpine mountain climbs. Nicky has competed in and refereed triathlons around the world.

“We both consider completing Ironman Triathlons as one of our most satisfying sporting accomplishments. Since moving to the area we have competed in local cycle races and we have also come to appreciate the value of more leisurely cycling, especially when a coffee stop is included!”

“Nicky’s favourite bike is her road bike. “I enjoy the versatility of being able to go out for a tough ride (or race), yet I can use it to just cruise along, in a world of my own, enjoying the tranquil roads and beautiful weather. Most importantly my bike seems to stop when it gets to a café and won’t leave home if there is a hint of a chance it will get wet.”

We aim to offer a very friendly and professional service. Our services stem from having hired bikes in a number of countries around the world. We want to deliver a service that is better than anything else we have experienced as tourists.

Lynley was born in the area. Apart from a few years offshore, which included an extensive cycle tour of England and Scotland, she has mostly lived and worked in the region. 

She worked in the medical industry until a few years ago, and now enjoys a more flexible lifestyle, working on their farm with her husband and getting more time to go for bike rides. She is passionate about what is on her doorstep and welcomes every opportunity to share her knowledge of the native flora, fauna and general local knowledge with our guests. Lynley has been helping our guests enjoy the area since 2015.

“My favourite bike is my full suspension bike, I even take it when we go around winery routes, just because I like it, not because I need the full suspension! My favourite bike rides are on the mountain trails along the Richmond foothills, but there are many sections of The Great Taste Trail that I enjoy cruising along too.”

 Jeannette is one of our valued guides who lives and works in the area . Jeannette has lived in the Nelson area since the 80s. She raised her 4 children on a farm in Upper Moutere. They are all now young adults; the youngest son lives and works locally, her daughter and other two sons have moved away. Jeannette is still very much connected to the local community and has built a lovely new home on the edge of the Upper Moutere village, so if you are on a Moutere wine & art tour, you are very much being guided by a local. Jeannette guides for Wheelie part-time as she also works part-time supporting families towards mental well-being and provides professional supervision to individuals and agencies.

Her spare time activities mostly involve spending time outdoors either cycling, skiing, or walking. Indoor hobbies range from cooking to yoga. 

Jeannette is a great people person and her ideal job is sharing her knowledge of the local area, whether biking to the vineyards in the Moutere Hills, or cycling on the Great Taste Trial.

“My favourite bike is my 29er mountain bike, it lets me enjoy places you just can’t get to by car. My favourite bike ride is a route from my house, using out of the way back roads then through the Moutere forest.” 

Belinda is our original guide who started ‘helping out’ when the company was first formed in 2011. She is from a family with direct linkage to the early European settlers in the Nelson region. She lived and worked in a variety of countries and travelled extensively with her husband and children, before returning to Nelson. 

 Belinda has competed in the renowned multi-sport Coast to Coast event, as well as the World Master’s Games. She is too modest to tell you, but she has won medals at those events. 

When you are out on a bike ride (or at the frequent coffee stops) with Belinda, it is almost 100% certain she will meet someone she knows. Her knowledge of the area, its people, landscape and wildlife are second to none. We are very fortunate that she finds the time to help with guiding our guests.

“My gravel e-bike bike is my favourite because it means I can enjoy so many lovely parts of the countryside and get to some great coffee stops. My favourite bike rides are on the quiet country roads around the Moutere and Mahana.”

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We have committed to the Tiaki Promise

Tiaki – Care for New Zealand has been set up by a group of New Zealand tourism organisations to actively encourage local and international travellers to care for our country as much as we do. Tiaki means to care for people and place.

The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, now and for future generations. Wheelie Fantastic’s values align with Tiaki. We are wholeheartedly behind the Tiaki Promise and encourage all visitors to our region to act as guardians of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We ask that you uphold the Tiaki Promise while travelling in New Zealand by following these guidelines:

For more information go to the Tiaki website.

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