Do you need to use an e-bike on the Great Taste Trail?

E-bikes on The Great Taste Trail

Here are a few pros and cons to weigh up when deciding if you should opt to ride an e-bike or not. These are applicable to any cycle tours. This article will take you through some things to consider and then specifically look at The Great taste Trail.
What are some of the pros of using an e-bike?
• An e-bike can help a less strong cyclist ride with a stronger or fitter cyclist.
• An e-bike rider can arrive at their destination and look forward to the next days ride as they don’t feel too tired.
• You don’t always have to use the extra help, so you can get a workout if you want it.
• You can feel more relaxed when you ride up hills. Staying relaxed means your shoulders are not getting tense and of course your legs also get the help of the power from the motor.
• If you are transporting your own luggage on the bike, then the e-bike help makes moving with the extra weight easier.
• If you haven’t ridden an e-bike before, the modern ones are easy to get used to. Bikes with mid-drive motors (the motor is around the bottom bracket) and batteries in the centre of the bike frame and are well balanced.
• Good quality e-bikes have good electronics and give smooth acceleration and deceleration.
The benefits and enjoyment of riding an e-bike will be realised when you are realistic about what an e-bike is and its limitations. Here are some things to consider:
• It is a bike that you sit on like any other bike. You spend time in the saddle and if you haven’t done much cycling before your cycle tour, then it will still feel tiring. There is no substitute for doing some cycling on any kind of bike before embarking on a cycle tour.
• If you are not familiar with riding an e-bike, it is worth spending a few minutes getting used to how the bike handles before you head off on your adventure or load up the bike with pannier bags. It will feel heavier as you move it around, but once you ride it, the extra weight is less apparent.
• You need to realise that you may cycle at faster speeds than you are used to. When you do that, you need to allow more time for breaking and cornering. Just like any bike, you should cycle at a speeds you are comfortable with and capable of controlling the bike if you have to react suddenly.
• You will have a safe and enjoyable, stress-free bike ride, when you ride at a pace that suits you and you don’t try to keep up with others you are cycling with.
• If you are hiring an e-bike the cost will be higher than a regular bike. If the cost is beyond your budget, consider riding the trail in shorter segments using a regular bike.
Do you need to ride a bike on The Great taste Trail?
The Great Taste Trail has quite a few Kms that are flat and are classified as Grade 1. One of the best things about The Great taste Trail, is that every day is different ( something that nearly every customer comments on). There are sections of the trail that have some hills. Depending on what direction you ride the trail, most of the hills don’t extend for more than a km and many are much shorter. The exception would be the southern side of Spooners tunnel. If you approach the tunnel from the Wakefield side, there is a long gradual climb that is approximately 7Kms in length. If you do ride in this direction, it is not steep and like any other part of the trail it can be comfortably ridden on a regular bike (especially if you are not carrying much on the bike and you use the full range of gears).
The segment of trail that goes through the Kaiteriteri mountain bike park requires a bit more care if you are not used to handling an e-bike. If at any time you are out of your comfort zone, then pushing the bike is an option and is made easier on most e-bikes, as they have a walk mode which means the motor will help to move the bike along as you walk with it!
Lots of people choose to ride an e-bike on the trail if they own an e-bike at home, or if they like the idea of having a bit of extra help when they want it. Many people enjoy the simplicity of a regular bike, arriving at their destination with a sense of satisfaction. However, people on e-bikes also arrive at their destination with a sense of satisfaction. That is what a cycle tour is all about. There are lots of reasons to use an e-bike and you have to weigh up the positives and negatives as you see them.
The important thing is to get out onto the trail and enjoy cycling with or without the help of an e-bike.

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