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When planning a cycle trip, there is, in my opinion two very important factors to know.

  1. How far is the route you have chosen?
  2. Where is the nearest and best coffee option?

If you are starting your Great Taste Cycle in Kiateriteri and heading towards Mapua, you’re in for a treat. After a lovely cycle through natural bush in the mountain bike park (the GTT uses an existing ‘easy rider’ route)you will follow the coast to Riwaka.

After you pass the croquet club, the trail will point you in the direction of School Rd. But stop there and look up the main road to the right.

You will see Mrs Smith’s coffee shop on the corner, but if you are after a different experience and the best coffee, cycle on past until you reach Ginger Dynamite, 300 metres up the road. Here you will find Brad and his crew serving coffee out of a converted shipping container. The coffee is great, and you can mingle with the locals as you enjoy your coffee sitting on seats made of apple crates.

He does have inside seating, in another shipping container. This container will take you back in time. It is brilliantly retro decorated to the 60s/70s. While you sip your coffee, you will be looking at the wallpaper going, ‘god I remember when we had that on our walls’.

Not only is the coffee consistently good, his pies are award winning. Smoke fish pie being the top rated. But whether its fish or mince and cheese or one of the other varieties, you simply can’t go wrong.

Stop here and enjoy, watch the comings and goings of locals and tourists. You will be refueled for the next part of your ride.

Oh, I almost forgot to say that he makes the best ginger pop in the region too. Its Dynamite. Ginger Dynamite.

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