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Nelson – Tasman Festivals 2020

The Nelson Tasman area bursts with produce, especially the summer berry season. Boysenberries being a particular favourite with locals who know where their go-to honesty stall is. Fresh berries picked a few hours before you buy them and have travelled a couple of Kms at most, makes for truly tasty fruit. As summer unfolds the type of berry that is most readily available changes, with strawberries being the early starters that also outlast most other berries. Strawberries,cherries, karaka berries, boysenberries, blackcurrants, raspberries offer a good range of ‘super-foods’ from November to March. As memories fade of tasty berries, Autumn comes along and more local produce is offered at our local honesty stalls. Apples, pears and kiwi fruit, all of which come in so many varieties.

Autumn seems to be a time when the area celebrates what is produced locally. Festivals with a focus on food and drinks are extremely popular with the locals who attend a variety of events and each with their own way of showcasing the region.
The three best known are:

Moutere Hills Sarau Festival & Country market ( Upper Moutere) 2nd Feb http://www.saraufestival.co.nz/ They are a small ( but growing), family-friendly country fair with a focus on local food and drink.

An easy-going festival with a relaxed atmosphere in the Moutere countryside

Nelson Wine & Food Festival 16th Feb 2020 http://www.nwff.co.nz/ This is a larger event than Sarau but still has a laid back atmosphere.

Marchfest, Founders park, central Nelson, 14th March https://www.marchfest.com/ A friendly beer and music event that kicks off at noon and is all done and dusted by 9.30 pm.

Any of these events can easily be incorporated into a cycle tour or as an extra day in the beginning, middle or end of a tour. Local tour operators should be able to advise how best to enjoy these events. It is easy to see why Autumn is such a popular ( if not the most popular) time of the year to enjoy The Great Taste Trail and the surrounding area.

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